Enhancing Control and Efficiency

Streamline your Operations with KVM Solutions

Welcome to Option's KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Services – where precision meets efficiency. Getting complete control is not just your advantage; it's a necessity.

Challenges you can solve

Option's KVM Services offer an array of solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of rigs, shipping and fishing operations. Gain services designed to optimise control, facilitate decision-making and enhance your overall efficiency.

Remote Control

With KVM over IP equipment and services, you get secure and remote workstation management and administration. This allows you to to have complete control computers from afar, promoting efficient operations even when you're not on-site.

Workstation Management

Gain complete control over workstations, ensuring that your personnel can access and manage critical systems effectively.

How they work

The KVM services are structured to integrate into your existing operations. Each maritime operation is unique, which is why our solutions are adaptable to meet your specific requirements.


You can tailor your KVM solutions to align perfectly with your day-to-day operations. Whether you require remote control capabilities, efficient workstation management, or a combination of both, we can meet your needs.


Our team of experts brings years of experience in KVM solutions for the maritime industry. We have both in-house and external expertise in various KVM technologies, ensuring you receive the highest level of guidance and support.

What to expect

A straightforward and well-guided journey

Throughout the process, we aim to contribute with our expertise across multiple phases. We engineer architectures for servers, equipment and networks, prioritising security and performance. During operations, we closely monitor IT infrastructure and communication performance, offering timely support to users. Our installation phase comprises rigorous testing, meticulous packing and on-site assembly. Finally, demobilisation ensures data capture, secure shutdowns and equipment preservation.

Step 1: Projecting Solutions

Your journey begins with us mapping out the most suitable solutions tailored to your unique needs. We meticulously design communication strategies that align with your operational goals. Whether it's satellite or LTE links, we gather offers and help you plan the distribution of bandwidth onboard, ensuring a well-functioning communication network.

Step 2: Survey for Precision

To optimise the placement of equipment and enhance communication, we conduct a comprehensive 3D site survey. By scanning relevant rooms, we ensure efficient equipment placement and improved support communication. We map available network infrastructure, power sources and more, setting the stage for a successful implementation.

Step 3: Shipment, Installation, and Training

Once the site survey is complete, we expertly pack the equipment and coordinate its safe shipment to your rig. Our skilled crew handles on-site installation, provides comprehensive user training and makes sure that you have all the necessary support contact details.

Step 4: Operation and Support

With the installation complete, we provide comprehensive documentation, including room plans, network overviews and drawings of WAN and LAN configurations. As you embark on operations, our 24/7/365 support desk is available to swiftly address any concerns, providing uninterrupted functionality.

You can expect

Precision, efficiency and unparalleled control. You can enhance your maritime operations, promote remote management and provide flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

We exist for those seeking a proactive approach, high performance, 24/7/365 support and tailored solutions that adapt to your unique needs.

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What does it cost?

Prices will vary depending on the project. Pricing in the engineering phase is calculated according to time and material. During installation there are day rates for personnel. The cost for operations is based on day rates for equipment, services and communication, whilst demobilising is based on day rates for offshore hours and hours onshore.

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