Island Innovator

Rigged the complete IT services.

About the project

As part of an extensive exploration program on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, Lundin Norway AS acquired the semisubmersible heavy well intervention rig Island Innovator on a two-year contract with Marine Accurate Well ASA in 2012/2013. This was a newly built vessel delivered from Cosco Shipyard Group in Nantong, China.

This vessel needed to be fitted and prepared for Lundin’s operations in the Norwegian Sea, North Sea and the Barents Sea. In these kinds of operations, and due to national expectations and requirements, several technical issues weere identified early in the project.

  • The need for video conference and meeting area/rooms
  • An offshore operations and collaborations room
  • Technical medical collaboration equipment and services
  • Management of the operators network and infrastructure
  • Interfacing between different companies on board the vessel
  • Infrastructure and communication from vessel to onshore locations

Project results

The project phase lasted from February 2013 and weere transferred from project phase to operation phase in September 2013.

We based the delivery on:

  • A core infrastructure of servers, networks and IT equipment, as well as services for long life and operations expectancy
  • Remote work station setup with our proprietary system DESKVIEW™ infrastructure and our own Rack Workstations
  • Offshore Operations Room with DESKVIEW™, video conference, interfaced network and work stations
  • Interfacing and interconnecting network and services between third party companies, service companies and operator
  • All expected office IT equipment and services
  • Full information synchronisation between onshore and offshore based on our SYNCSHARE™ system

Option provided project management and program participant together with third party, service companies and Lundin within the estimated cost and time frames.

This resulted in operational uptime close to 100% availability due to a SLA guarantee of 99.7% each month. 

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