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Provides video distribution solution, KVM over IP and ensures that information sharing is done securely.

Medicall telemedicine | Technology | Option
Medicall Telemedicine

Medicall Telemedicine solution connects patients and remote medical personnel with medical personnel anywhere. Easy and safe to use with many options.

Network and security | Technology | Option
Network and security

We deliver quality network technology and security services to secure a flexible network environment for equipment and users.

Print services | Technology | Option
Print services

Allow flexible solutions for print, copy and scan technology, document copy and distribution of information from paper to electronic format.

Storage | Technology | Option

Delivery of different storage technology to maintain both applications, system data, databases and user generated information.

Video Conference | Technology | Option
Video conference

Scalable videoconference systems to allow for optimal meeting functionality where needed and with the right setup and technology.

Work stations | Technology | Option
Work stations

Workstations and computers, LED monitors and peripherals that makes up the bases for IT related work and services in your day to day business.

Option | Technology | DeskView
Remote workstations redefined


Maybe the smartest way to do simple and secure workstation management and administration using KVM over IP equipment and services.

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3D RoomScan

Option provide 3D room scanning services and equipment. Get full control over your work environments with a 3D scan.

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