When fast deployment, extended services and space requierments are important.

All infrastructure in one small box

Based on our extensive experience from previous deliveries and operations, we scaled down our RigIT solution to a compact solution with reduced redundancy and made a mobile datacenter. We see that the marked is changing and a need for a quick and easy solution for “by the well/short project” operations arised.

Option QuickConnect solves this with high quality equipment and services squeezed in to a protective shell. Combining all in one chassis enable us to provide a fast deployment, and easy to manage setup. A deployment only require one technician with equipment on location and we estimate that the installation and setup is performed within the first day.

This solutions is based on the same philosophy as all our infrastructure product, it is designed with high capacity and quality, with solid and well-established and proven services. The purpose is reduced cost in deployment as well as the operational cost for both our self and our customers.


Our customers utilize these solutions in situetions where a shorter timeframe and fast deployment is prioritized. QuickConnect provides an rugged and reliable infrastructure with high grade of flexibillity and options. The features of a QuickConnect mobile datacenter setup is extensive and we can provide a wide range of standardized equipments and services in our setup. All this within a small, compact and rugged casing with full infrastructure services and capabillities. this is Option QuickConnect™

QuickConnect mobile datacenter – A proven concept

As we launched this concept to our customers in late 2014. The QuickConnect solution proved its purpose in the marked as we provided infrastructure services on yardstays and in several offshore operations capaigns on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

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