When you run out of space, capacity and equipment that are complex, computing intencive and/or volume critical.

Project working offshore or remote?

Call for a mobile datacenter

Option has designed a mobile datacenter solution, where everything you need, including electrial infrastructure and a complete HVAC system can be placed within the 20 foot standard sized frame.

The design also include vibration dampers to handle the lifting and potential hard vibration or impact that might happen during transportation or operation. All this to protect the equipment inside.

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IT Container for all your needs

With 6 complete fullsize racks, almost any IT serving need will be able to facilitate in this unit. With options to fit the unit with extra air and dustfilters, heating cables and or other environmental protection equipment alows this unit to bu used almost everywhere in the world.

The IT container can be fitted on standard transportation vehicles without any need for special handling.

This has been our most ambitious project since the company was started. And the concept has been very well received in the marked with alot of interest and attention.

All in a box solution

These units differs from other “All in a box” solutions by being a very big box. But the simplicity, design and included infrastructure allow Option to operate and facilitate IT environment for customers.

The focus when developing these units was the flexibility, security and predictability in operations.

Some aspect of these units are available for customization and change, all to optimize and enhance the customer needs and requirements.

Technical gain potentials

  • Consolidate all IT equipment
  • Optimized environment
  • Remote access for all parties
  • Redundant solutions
  • Sensors and 24/7 environmental monitoring
  • Easy access to all areas