The operational phase consists of monitoring IT infrastructure, software and communication, as well as providing support to users who need this.

That's not all

What you get

Close monitoring of the performance of the IT infrastructure, software and communication.

IT-supporters who have knowledge about operations on rigs and are familiar with your specific set up.

Smooth operation where the ICT issues are solved proactively - 24/7.

Make it simple

Your integrator and single point of contact

Tired of having to localise the supplier when there is an issue? No need to worry - we work as your single point of contact. To ensure your operations run smoothly, we work as an integrator and connects companies to work with the same equipment.

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How it works

Solution pack vs.
service provision

Solution pack
Service provision
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We distribute

The solution pack covers IT infrastructure, work stations (computers, keyboards, screens, printers etc.), telemedicine, antennas for satelitte, 4G and radio link communication and DeskView soltuions for sharing information across the various networks of rig contractors, operators and service companies. 

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We provide

Our service provision includes engineering and design of the ICT architecture, as well as purchase and installation of hardware. We then implement the ICT solution and deliver support throughout the operation.


What about cost?

Prices will vary depending on the project. Pricing in the engineering phase is performed according to time and material. During installation there's day rates for personnel. The cost for operations is based on day rates for equipment, services and communication, whilst demobilising is based on day rates for offshore hours and hours onshore.

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What we do

Our other services


We design an architecture for servers, equipment and your networks. After identifying what your needs are, we map out what is necessary and how to ensure security and operation.

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The installation phase consists of three parts. First, we will rig and test the equipment on land. After, the equipment will be packed and shipped to the rig. Lastly, we will be on site to unpack, assemble and retest the equipment. 

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After a successful operation, the equipment will be preserverd and prepared for the next operation. Our IT consultants ensure data is captured, a safe shutdown and packing pc's, desk phones and monitors. 

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