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About the project

To support and carry out Lundin's activity on NCS and Edvard Grieg, Rowan Viking were acquired from Rowan Companies in 2014 and upgraded in Vlissingen, Netherlands. During this period, Option weere tasked to plan, project and commission IT infrastructure and services to support Lundin's offshore operations.

Together with partners, service companies, third party companies and Lundin, Option designed a technical solution based on our own Rig IT concept design and experience. The project was managed from Norway, but all installation and setup were performed in Vlissingen, Netherlands together with the rig owner and contractors on yard. The Scope of Work´s (SoW) key features/requirements:

  • Video conference systems
  • Offshore operation and collaboration room
  • Service and third party company interfacing
  • Office IT equipment (PC's, printers, monitors, etc.)
  • Server infrastructure and services
  • Data room services and design
  • Telemedicine solutions in hospital
  • Network infrastructure

In collaboration with the customer and contractors, we utilised our experience with design and delivery of infrastructure and services on board drilling vessels to assist the customers with design and delivery of infrastructure and services. Option based the delivery on:

  • A core infrastructure of servers, networks, IT equipment and services for a long life and operations expectancy
  • Remote work station setup with our proprietary system DESKVIEW™ infrastructure and our own Rack Workstations
  • Offshore Operations Room with DESKVIEW™, video conference interfaced network and workstations
  • Interfacing and interconnecting network and services between 3rd party companies service companies and the customer
  • All expected office IT equipment and services
  • Wireless network access for users in office landscape
  • Full information synchronisation between onshore and offshore based on our SYNCSHARE™ system
  • Data room design and project management for service companies and third party companies
  • IT project management and advisory for the customer and other contractors
  • MEDICALL™ Telemedicine solution for the vessel's hospital

Project results

On DAT, the drilling vessel left the yard in Vlissingen and headed for location on NCS. Option had completed all major installations and structural changes that were required, as well as completed the commissioning during the last transport to location.

The project was delivered within the time frame and cost estimation. The project was handed over to our service and operation team to manage and operate all equipment and services on behalf of Lundin.

We guarantee 99.7% up-time for services in our RigIT concept. The actual up-time for this vessel is closer to 100%.

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