Leiv Eiriksson

A complete IT delivery, fitted into a small box

As Option AScontinue to provide both large scale IT deliveries to offshore operations, we always try to find better smarter and more cost efficient ways to provide excellent services to our customers. QUICKCONNECT™ is one of these solutions. And after several yardstays and a good proof of concept, we offered OMV this solutiosn for a “by the well” operation on board Leiv Eiriksson.

Some of the issues with this project, was that the on board IT infrastructure was owned by the primary rig operator and was installed for longer period. The result of this was that minimal or no space was available for OMV´s own equipment as is. and therefor they needed to find a solution that could allow for a flexible equipment placement. QUICKCONNECT™ is designed for just these situations.

The Scope of Work included:

  • Server and network infrastructure
  • Office IT equipment and services
  • Data syncronization/replication solution

Option AS based the delivery on:

  • One of our ready to go QUICKCONNECT™ units
  • Workstations and computer equipment and servcies
  • Printing, copy, scan and MFP-services and equipment
  • Full information synchronization between onshore and offshore based on our SYNCSHARE™ system
  • Network equipment and services

The installation and commissioning was performed offshore while in operations, and was completed in under 12 hours. The services was operational and available for users withing the first hour of commisioning.

Some onshore services continued to run after demobilization of the equipment offshore. this mainly consisted of our document and file managem,ent system SYNCSHARE™ that maintained operational for some time after the operation ended.

The result

This project was delivered according tou Option´s estimates and within cost. the commissioning and demobilization of equipment was performed faster and under estimated initial cost. and the customer reported back that the delivery was very vell received by OMV.