We are Option, a short story about us

Option have since 2007 created and designed IT services and products for a great number of national and international customers. We have customers in the oil sector, shipping industry as well as SMB and public sector. Option specialize in IT deliveries in challenging environments such as offshore vessels, platforms and remote onshore locations.

We consider ourself as problem solvers and innovators. We have built our reputation around solving problems for our customers with focus on end-user and operational challanges.

Option has long and extensive experienct in:

  • Complex IT project management and deliveries.
  • IT infrastructure and services
  • Datacenter design and management
  • WAN, VSAT, LoS, LTE and different communications technologies
  • Hardware design, development and manufacturing
  • Software and system development
  • Offshore and remote locations deliveries and operations
  • Engineering services adapted to IT businesscases

We focus on servcies and solutions that ease operational support, reduce cost and increase value for our customers.

In co-operation with our customers, we have completed projects that have streamlined and systematized routines and procedures with positive results. Located in Stavanger.

We want to be known for our service.

We put alot of effort and energy into giving our customer the best service possible. Therefor we are available 24/7 - 365 with personnel speaking both Norwegian and English to be able to communicate with our customers and assist immediately.

Option also staff the helpdesk with senior personnel with extensive experience from the offshore sector and who has actually been offshore working on the rigs that we are supporting.